Samsung Phones Review

Whether you're an on-the-go CEO, a cash-strapped college student or a retired grandmother who wants to keep up with your grandkids, choosing the best cell phone can feel very intimidating. Few electronic devices will get as much use as a cell phone. You take it everywhere and you use it for everything – from making calls and sending texts to watching your favorite movies or playing cheap games.

A new cell phone often represents often a multi-year commitment. You don't want a phone that causes you to experience buyer's regret. If you’re already familiar with Samsung’s operating system, quality and functions, you’ll know what you’re getting going in. However, if you’re looking for your first Samsung phone, the brand’s variety means there’s one to fit your entertainment, professional or social needs.

The Samsung name has long been synonymous with quality electronics like televisions, camcorders and VCRs. In addition to making consumer products, the company has been a leading manufacturer and innovator of electronic components found in products of other well-known companies, making them the largest information technology company in the world. With a history and name that is synonymous with quality electronics, you can expect your Samsung phone to compete with the best phones on the market for durability, usability and style.

Samsung Phones: What to Look For

Most Samsung phones feature versions of the popular Google Android operating system, while a few of the newer models feature a Windows 8 operating system. Regardless of your needs, you'll want a phone that is reliable, familiar, easy to use and capable of handling your everyday needs.

Below are some the main elements you’ll want to consider when deciding which Samsung phone is best for you.

You want a phone that feels natural in your hands because this is where it's going to spend much of its life. So size, weight, screen size and resolution are important in choosing a model. For example, if you use your phone to watch movies or clips on YouTube, you'll want a phone that's big enough to be a small tablet (sometimes referred to as a phablet). However, the size of these phones can make them awkward to use or carry because they don't fit as easily into small hands and shallow pockets.

Having a quality camera on your phone means that you won't risk losing memories that you would otherwise miss because your camera is at home. It also means that you can immediately share your photos and videos with your friends via Bluetooth or social networking websites. Samsung phones can take pictures that range from 1.3 megapixels to 13 megapixels. Most models feature front and rear cameras. Front-facing cameras are ideal for video chatting, and many of the rear cameras are capable of rivaling the picture quality you get with a point-and-shoot camera. Also, most Samsung phones feature HD video recording and playback.

Operating System & Features
Cell phones are like Swiss army knives – they do a lot more than the name suggests. Samsung smartphones are also cameras, camcorders, day planners, alarm clocks, flashlights, game systems, movie players, MP3 players, remote controls, social sharing devices, notebooks, sketchpads and more. You can surf the web, read the news, post pictures and video onto social media websites, video conference with friends or clients and even play and record digital instruments. What your phone can do and the type of apps that it can run depends on the operating system. Most Samsung phones run versions of the Android OS, giving you access to the wide variety of apps available at Google Play. Others run on Windows 8. Often these phones run a little faster, but the variety of apps is limited.

Battery Life
Since Samsung phones have complex operating systems that require fast processors to run all your apps, you'll want a device that has a battery that will last all day or longer. Owning a mobile phone isn't worth it if you're constantly tethered to the wall by a power chord.

Samsung mobile phones are among the most popular and widely used phones on the planet. Committing yourself to a Samsung phone that fits your needs doesn't have to be as arduous as it seems. With a large selection of phones that offer a wide-range of features, Samsung offers something for everyone.

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