The Samsung Note 2 has a huge 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display with 1280p resolution – one of the biggest screens you can find on a phone. In addition, the S Pen stylus definitely qualifies the Galaxy Note 2 as a phablet, since it’s – just a hair too small to be only a tablet and just an eyelash too big to be a phone. So it functions as both. The huge screen makes streaming movies or surfing the web easy, even with your friends huddled around you. This is definitely not a Samsung smartphone for the timid or the small-handed.

The front camera takes 1.9-megapixel photos, and the rear main camera takes 8-megapixel photos. While the Note 2 cameras don’t have the highest mega-pixel count, its quality is ideal for uploading pictures to the internet, making it a great phone for social networking. You can also record and playback HD video.

One of the features that sets the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 apart from other cell phones is the S Pen, a pressure- sensitive stylus. With over a thousand levels of pressure, the stylus is the most accurate tool for navigating through the Android Jelly Bean OS. This S Pen stylus, a callback to PDAs, is great for taking notes, doodling, playing games or making edits to your photos with accuracy and control. However, the added component of an S Pen is a bit like the machine gun on a GiJOE – easy to lose or break despite having a place built-in for storing it. If you're constantly losing stuff, then you don't want an additional item to worry about.

This Samsung mobile phone is loaded with call features that make it a true phone: speakerphone, voice recognition, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, multi-tasking, call restrictions and more. The only flaw to using this as a phone is the size – it can look like you're holding a brick to the side of your head.

The battery is removable, and you can even purchase a bigger battery that comes with a kickstand for easy viewing. However, unless you're watching movies all day, you probably won't have any trouble going from morning until night without charging because the battery is designed to last up to thirty hours between charges.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is great for streaming movies or surfing the web. The large screen, S Pen stylus and Android Jelly Bean OS make this a smartphone that will satisfy your entertainment, professional and creative needs. However, the phablet size can be cumbersome to handle or carry when compared to smaller cell phones.


Galaxy Note 2