The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the flagship of the Samsung smartphone product line. Its huge 5-inch HD Super AMOLED display in 1080p resolution means you can surf the web or watch all your favorite TV shows and movies in the palm of your hand without straining your eyes on a smaller screen. However, this design also means that the phone is larger than most, making it awkward to handle or carry – especially if you have small hands or shallow pockets.

It comes with front and rear cameras. The front camera is great for video chatting and for taking 2-megapixel self-portraits, while the rear camera is great for taking 3-megapixel photos of your surroundings. The Samsung Galaxy S4 camera also features a 4x optical zoom, HD recording and playback, slow and fast motion modes, duel-recording and more. This makes it a versatile camera that rivals the quality you'd find in a digital point-and-shoot camera.

The Galaxy S4 uses Android 4.2.2 – Jelly Bean. The Jelly Bean interface has a lot of bells and whistles, including touch-free functionality. However, the device offers a very intuitive easy mode that allows you to become acquainted with the Android interface without getting lost or feeling overwhelmed.

This Samsung mobile phone is equipped with a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, which allows the phone to run apps quickly and smoothly. You can opt for models with 16-64GB of internal memory, and each phone has a microSD slot for more storage space.

Group play is a feature that allows you to connect with up to eight other phones to play games or watch movies, making it a great phone for enhancing your social circle. In addition, the quad-core processor allows you to run multiple apps at a time with blazing speed and no stutters or freezes.

The noise cancellation technology in the receiver means that your call quality will be as clear, if not clearer, than any landline phone you use because it eliminates most background frequencies that interfere with your communication. In addition, the Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to use hands-free devices easily without quickly draining your battery.

The removable battery is one of the best features of the Galaxy S4. One of the pitfalls of many smartphones is the enclosed battery. If your battery degrades, you can't replace it without sending it to a specialist or buying a new phone altogether. The Samsung S4 avoids this by allowing you to remove and replace the battery – and since the quad-core processor requires a lot of energy to run the program and power the large screen, being able to purchase a backup battery is a luxury that many smartphones don't offer.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an Android smartphone phablet with an impressive 5-inch display and the intuitive Jelly Bean operating system. With a quad-core processor along with plenty of RAM and storage, it's like having the power of a laptop in your hands.